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Real-Time Visibility for the Factory Floor

The Mingo Advantage

The Mingo advantage combines experienced individuals with industry-specific software to create a formidable force for effective manufacturing transformation. While software designed for manufacturing offers powerful tools, the human touch remains crucial for customer service and creating the perfect fit for your factory floor.

Visibility on the Factory Floor

A team with manufacturing industry experience brings distinct advantages:

Real-world understanding

Mingo has navigated the complexities of shop floors, production lines, and supply chains firsthand. This translates into solutions that address practical challenges, not just theoretical ones.

Problem-solving with nuance

Mingo can anticipate the human factors and unforeseen hurdles that software can’t predict. Our insights can prevent costly implementation hiccups and ensure smooth integration.

Communication bridge

Mingo speaks the lingo of the manufacturing workforce, fostering collaboration and buy-in from those that can get the most out of the software. This reduces resistance and accelerates operator adoption.

Domain expertise

Mingo possesses in-depth knowledge of industry regulations, quality standards, and best practices. This ensures compliance and optimizes processes for specific manufacturing contexts.

How Does Mingo Smart Factory Compare to Other OEE Software Companies?

There is no other platform that offers a combined hardware and software production monitoring solution. Mingo Smart Factory is the easiest to use manufacturing productivity platform that provides real-time visibility on the factory floor We work with our customers to help them improve on-time delivery, and increase the revenue and profitability of manufacturing companies.
To help you make a decision, we have assembled a series of articles that compare the features of Mingo with some of our competitors.
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Solve Problems As They Happen

Get Rid of White Boards Full of Last Week's Numbers

Mingo Smart Factory works with manufacturers to help them get a better grasp on what is actually happening on the factory floor right now. No more relying on gut feelings or historical data to determine if the factory had a good week or bad week.

Stop wasting hours each week assigning someone to walk the factory floor to collect counts, write them on a clipboard, transpose the information onto a white board in the break room, and then pass it off to an intern to enter into Excel.

Automatically collect data through Mingo Sensrtrx sensors, PLC computers or a tablet enabled dashboard. This improves accuracy by reducing human error and allows for additional data to be imported like temperature and vibration levels.

Access information instantly from the dashboard to make data-driven decisions. Sign up for automated reporting to be delivered to your email inbox every morning. Get alerted to issues as they happen with mobile alerts.

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Peace of Mind

100+ Manufacturers Trust Mingo Smart Factory

What Makes Mingo Smart Factory Different?

All-in-one solution with hardware to connect older machines to the cloud & software for real time data analysis

Software is plug-and-play and fast to implement in days, not months

Gateways and hardware are easy to install by your maintenance staff

Mobile & email alerts so you can get updates and solve problems as they happen

Mingo boxes with gateways and any additional hardware are shipped 80% configured for your unique factory set-up

Flexible dashboard is designed for operators and easy to use

US based customer support team are industry experts and ready to help with any questions

Grows with your business as you identify the next areas for improvement

production monitoring

The Perils of Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Imagine you are in charge of monitoring a football game. Your machines are the individual players on the field. Those numbers listed on the large white board in the conference room – that was the score from last week’s game. Why weren’t you there? Because in addition to this game, you were monitoring the performance of four other football games.

Who won and lost the game?

Your first inclination may be to ask the employees, who are the fans in the stands, but they are not necessarily watching the whole game. Some are focused on their side of the field (department), some have a vested interested in their fantasy football team (personal analytics) and others are there to enjoy the food (clock in and clock out). Each person could respond with a different opinion on why a team won or lost that day.

Automatic data collection is an impartial way “see” what actually happened on game day and analyze the stats in real time. See what is happening at the game live on television rather than Monday Morning Quarterbacking last week’s results. Be proactive, not reactive.

Outgrowing Other Smart Factory Platforms

Mingo Smart Factory wasn’t the first visual factory software that Louisiana Fish Fry implemented, but it was the last step of the journey.
"Mingo has the ability to customize use of our data the way we wanted to. It fit our operations into the software instead of requiring to fit what we do into a a black box, Mingo fit over top of what we do."
Chris Mericas
Chris Mericas
Sr. Operations Analyst

Integrations Built For Your Workflow

You already use a CMMS to track maintenance requests and a ERP to track jobs. Mingo Smart Factory integrates seamlessly with your existing programs to provide real-time data.

By importing your schedule you reduce errors on the factory floor and you can measure exactly where you stand on each day, shift and job in real time. 

Get alerted when you are behind to take action now rather than waiting until tomorrow. 

Integrate Mingo Smart Factory with your CMMS system. Trigger work order requests directly from Mingo. Send the number of cycles and run time to the CMMS to trigger PMs.

Use Mingo data to create notifications and automate tasks such as preventative maintenance checks and quality control audits.

Provide production data for an up-to-date view of your progress against your production schedule or by machine for CMMS trend reporting and automate Mingo job production records and skip manual setup of parts.

Temperature Tracking with Real Time Data

Calculating ROI for Smart Factory Software

One of the easiest ways to calculate ROI when selecting a production monitoring system for your manufacturing set-up is to place a dollar value on your factory’s time.

How much could you save by eliminating 7 minutes of downtime per machine?

(7 minutes x 10 machines)/60 minutes = 1.1667 Hours Saved per Day
$75 Hourly Production Cost x 1.1667 Hours Saved Per Day = $87.50 Saved per Day

$87.50 x 260 days = $22,750 Saved per Year

How much could you save by eliminating 12 minutes of downtime per machine?

(12 minutes x 10 machines)/60 minutes = 2 Hours Saved per Day
$75 Hourly Production Cost x 2 Hours Saved Per Day = $150.00 Saved per Day

$150 x 260 days = $39,000 Saved per Year