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Implementing Production Monitoring

6-Step Guide

The goal of this guide is to assist manufacturers with the implementation of production monitoring on the plant floor to solve business challenges.

With the right data and the right tools to visualize data, production monitoring can connect your machines and empower you to help solve many of the manufacturing challenges affecting productivity.

"What Will I Learn?"

With the help of this 6-step guide, you’ll define your challenges and areas for growth, gather data, and apply the data to gain insights into how to solve your problems by understanding the implementation approach we take for our customers.

  • Why Implement Production Monitoring?
  • Our Approach: Start Simple, Think Big, Move Fast
  • Step 1 – Where Do You Begin with Production Monitoring?
  • Step 2 – Evaluate Your Machines
  • Step 3 – What Data Do You Need?
  • Step 4 – How Do You Gather That Data?
  • Step 5 – You’ve Got the Data, Now Solve a Problem.
  • Step 6 – Apply What You’ve Learned and Run with It.
  • Achieve ROI
6 Step Guide to Implementing Production Monitoring

See How Production Monitoring Can Solve Common Problems

For almost every manufacturer, production monitoring is the first step in gaining greater plant floor visibility. 

A true manufacturing production monitoring software is designed to provide visibility on the factory floor by acquiring data from the machines on the floor, cleaning and contextualizing that data, calculating KPI’s, and producing role-based visualizations and dashboards. With data in context, you can gain actionable insights that will help you improve your manufacturing processes. 

By connecting to machines and gathering the necessary data, manufacturers will be able to:

  • Get visibility and understanding of what’s happening in the plant
  • Eliminate Excel and paper-based reporting
  • Stop problems as they happen 
  • Know where the schedule stands
  • Use data to make decisions 
  • Gather from anywhere

By leveraging production monitoring, manufacturers get more insight and understanding of performance on the factory floor.

Start Simple and Move Fast

In order to begin implementing production monitoring, it is important to first consider how your factory floor can improve to a point of increased productivity and efficiency. “What are your challenges?”

We believe in a “start simple, think big, move fast” approach when implementing production monitoring on the plant floor. It’s okay to start small but start ASAP. Then, once you’ve solved one problem, continuously improve the rest of your plant floor.

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Matt Hill

“When you have a data-driven approach, you tend to work better as a team, too, because it’s fact and not opinion.”


Matt Hill

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