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Versatech is data driven

With automated, real-time data and visual dashboards, Versatech increased efficiency by finding problems, solving them quickly, and continuously improve processes.


real, tangible results

Increasing OEE by 30%

With Mingo Smart Factory, Versatech was able to make operations and processes easier, improve manufacturing performance, cut costs, and eliminate reliance on manual efforts.

Getting Rid of Pen & Paper

Getting off paper tracking and spreadsheets reduced overtime labor costs and ultimately improved the accuracy of their data.

“This made it much easier for us to see where we needed to focus on repetitive issues and drives improvement activity,” Matt Perry, Production Manager, said.

“It’s just much better when you’re not relying on paper. It took less than a minute to change scrap codes, and on older systems, it can be a 2-hour ordeal. It made it so I could dig out whatever data I need. This helped us reduce errors and work more efficiently,” he said.


Seeing Data in Real-Time

Versatech Manufacturing Engineer, Scott Strutner used Mingo to look at downtime in real-time so that they could fix issues as they happened; not down the line when the opportunity for savings and improvements were lost.

“This really helped us focus on – and improve – uptime”, said Strutner.

“Overall, the highlight was being able to see the trends in data and being able to access this data at any time in easy-to-use dashboards. We used to look at trends by using Excel; Mingo has made this significantly better and easier.”

Reducing Downtime

Versatech was able to use Mingo to look at downtime time and quickly solve issues as well as recognize negative trends.

“We used Mingo to look at downtime and correlate instances of unscheduled downtime with specific events. We leveraged real-time data to look at machines as they were running on the manufacturing floor to ensure they were always running properly.

“Being able to automatically collect and review all of the downtime and tie it to specific trends, events, and issues allowed Versatech to reduce unnecessary data entry, overtime, and repetitive issues with machines. Automatically collecting the data with Mingo was what made the project easy to complete.”

“Really, being able to see downtime in real-time and historically, automatically without manual data entry, was a huge gain for us,” he said.

See How Mingo Can Improve Your Factory

Built by people who know manufacturing, Mingo provides the 21st century “Smart Factory” experience that manufacturers need to grow in a modern environment. See how it can help you drive revenue.

“We wanted to get off our paper system. We hoped that Mingo could help us collect data into a central database to improve the way we worked and that’s exactly what Mingo did.”

Chad Hill


Why Versatech Chose Mingo

Versatech CEO, Chad Hill, believed that by giving quality, engineering, maintenance, production, and other departments real-time data, they could enhance the efficiency of their operations. Specifically, they could improve the ability to reduce overtime, decrease downtime, and improve machine utilization.

“We wanted to get the data into one location and have a single-tracking system that looked at data in real-time,” said Hill.

According to Hill, Mingo offered both contextual and real-time opportunities to access insights out of the central database, including the ability to start auto collecting data to display automatically in dashboards across the organization.

Often, manufacturing software implementations and cross-department adoption can take a long time, and failure rates are often above 50%. That wasn’t the case with Mingo. 

One of the most significant benefits of Mingo is that it doesn’t require lengthy implementation or complex integration. Despite a few internal staffing changes, Mingo was successfully implemented across the organization and producing measurable results in less than 3 months.

Hill believes that any manufacturer could implement, adopt, and start achieving ROI in less than 3 months, just as Versatech did, using the application and the insights that manufacturers can pull out of it.

“The process was really very easy. There’s no reason why anyone couldn’t do it (implement Mingo) and start getting good results in 3 months”, Hill shared. 

“Mingo is so much easier to use… it is almost dummy-proof.”

Real Benefits Gained

Versatech credits the success of their Mingo implementation – both directly and indirectly – to several major improvements. Using Mingo, Versatech could now see dashboards that illuminated trends in downtime.

This allowed the organization to see issues and solve them quickly; as well as recognize negative trends in scrap rates in real-time. This helped prevent several major “cost-killers” resulting in significant savings for the business.

“The biggest benefit of Mingo to me was the ability to easily dig out whatever data I needed… I feel like this really helped us focus on specific problems, and helped our entire business work more efficiently”, said Matt Perry, a production manager, that used Mingo daily at Versatech. 

All the leaders that leveraged Mingo said that the simplicity and access to data covered any costs associated with technology almost instantly. This led to widespread improvements across the entire organization, including a reduction in the amount of overtime that was worked by multiple departments.