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Case Studies

Customer Success Case Studies

Mingo Smart Factory customers reduce downtime, unlock capacity and improve OEE by replacing manual reporting and getting real time visibility into the factory floor. The benefits of improved manufacturing productivity can also extend far beyond the bottom line. Here are a few of the customer success stories that Mingo has collected.

H&T Waterbury Reduced Downtime 71%

Unplanned shortstops in the high volume, high-speed facility were known to cause scrap, unplanned overtime, and increased costs downstream, but how often these unplanned downtime events occurred was unknown. With real-time, tangible data, the team was able to implement corrective action to fix the problems affecting production, monitor the actions taken using alerts, and use the data going forward to monitor the effectiveness of those changes. Alerts helped H&T Waterbury monitor the effectiveness of changes made.

Oral BioTech Reduces Scrap by 99.8%

Oral BioTech increased its overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by 25% and reduced scrap rates by 99.8% after implementing Mingo, a wireless monitoring solution.
Tacony was facing inefficiencies and problems in its production process. By integrating Mingo, Tacony saw a reduction in lead time by 150% and a 9x return on investment.

Versatech increased its efficiency with the help of Mingo Smart Factory’s real-time data and visual dashboard tool.

Ice Industries Tracks Inventory with Nearly 100% Accuracy

Before working with Mingo Smart Factory, Ice Industries might write off $60,000 – $100,000 of inventory to balance the books for a plant. On its last inventory physical, the write off for the same plant location was$0.

Louisiana Fish Fry Improves OEE 12% in First 9 Months

This was after Louisiana Fish Fry outgrew two other manufacturing productivity solutions before seeing results with Mingo Smart Factory.

Lyons Blow Molding Increased Accuracy & Automated Their Reporting

Lyons Blow Molding reduced mistakes, increased the accuracy of data, and reduced non-value-added work.

Extraordinary Customer Success Stories Include...

Getting notified of problems as they happen with mobile alerts helped one plant manager prevent thousands of dollars of defective materials from being produced when the wrong machine was turned on over the weekend.

Label creation was integrated into Mingo's dashboard to automatically generate a label when a product was ready to ship. This improved accuracy and reduced shipping mistakes.

Quality tracking and task management helped operators know what they were working on when they punched in to reduce shift changeovers.

Use the dashboard to understand each factory's actual cycle time. One manufacturer found that expected cycle times were off by 40%!

One of Mingo Smart Factory’s noticed a significant performance drop off for a specific material in their mixing department. They used Mingo's dashboard to implement a targeted process improvement.

Predictive maintenance software was integrated into Mingo's dashboard so that tickets were automatically issued when machines needed to be fixed before they broke.

Red on the dashboard is an opportunity for growth. Red highlights areas of continuous improvement and potential for growth and opportunity.

A/B testing a new vendor helped one customer determine that the cost savings of the new material didn't outweigh the performance lost.