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OralBiotech Reduces Scrap 99.8%

In this case study, you’ll learn how Oral BioTech was able to increase OEE by 25%, nearly eliminate scrap, and create a culture of visibility and transparency.


Oral BioTech Gets Visibility into the Plant

Eliminating Manual Reporting

Before Mingo Smart Factory, OralBioTech was relying heavily on hourly manual reporting. Now, the company can spend more time on value-added tasks while getting real-time transparency into their processes with digital displays throughout the plant.

Reviewing Performance in Daily Production Meetings

The team at OralBioTech reviews daily production metrics at the end of every day to find ways to improve.

“It’s been really great, especially at end of day, for everyone to rally around one of the televisions,” John said. “We pull up the production reports to look at how the run went. It really helps the team dynamic and gets people motivated to make improvements when needed.”

Increasing Availability by Correcting Small Inefficiencies

There were many shortstops that weren’t being calculated on some of the production lines, resulting in low availability.

“Those kinds of things are hard to calculate manually, but when you have a sensor on your line, there’s no hiding from it, and they add up over time,” John explains. 

You Can't Manage What You're Not Measuring

“It’s kind of that old adage, “You can’t really manage what you’re not measuring.” [With Mingo and Banner sensors] it’s amplified when you’re measuring in real-time. People are able to make improvements, based on the data, right then and there,” he further explains.

When the company was recording data manually, no one remembered what happened. But, with real-time data, they can get in front of the problems. That’s what’s invaluable about the system – the ability to get a real-time benefit and real-time performance benefit.

Oral BioTech Case Study: WHSE Floor

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Now, that we’re aware of that and have the transparency into the process, our OEE availability has increased significantly, just by cutting out those little small stops.

John Bowers

Oral BioTech

How can you track how fast you're going without a speedometer?

“Before, we were running close to 60% OEE on one our lines, and now, we’re up close to 80% OEE,” and John elaborated, “which has been significant.”

Not only that, but the scrap rates have decreased significantly as well. Prior to Mingo, scrap rates and rework were between 2 -3% on average. Now, the manufacturer is down to 1 or 2 units total, down to the decimals of the previous scrap rate.

The benefits of Mingo really comes down to having visibility to see what’s happening and fix problems as they arise. John likes to use the analogy of driving down the road. “You can look at your speedometer to see your speed, but if you don’t have a speedometer, you have no idea how fast you’re going. So, it’s really nice to see that performance metric,” he said.

Simple, wireless solutions are ultimately why Oral BioTech chose Mingo

Oral BioTech needed a solution that could be displayed across all of their sites, projecting production metrics across the plant whether that was in a back-office, on the production floor, or in distribution. The system also needed to be accessible via a mobile phone, cloud-based, and provide the ability to see all of the data in real-time.

Oral BioTech previously used a Mingo Smart Factory competitor but realized it was limited in capabilities. It was behind a firewall, couldn’t access the data on a phone, and really hard to set up and segment the data. All of which Mingo was able to solve. 

An added bonus was the ability for Mingo to integrate with Oral BioTech’s ERP platform, NetSuite.

“Having everything wireless, compared to our previous software which had wires everywhere that had to be plugged in, is huge,” he said, “Truly, wireless sensors is a huge benefit.” 

The sensors combined with Mingo’s software proved to be the winning solution, providing instant visibility into the plant.