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Effectively Manage the Plant

Manufacturing productivity software delivers a solution to address the challenges and needs of metal fabrication and metal stamping manufacturers. 


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What is Metal Fabrication Software?

This OEE software helps manufacturers manage plant operations, including production planning, understanding resource utilization, maintaining quality standards, increasing capacity, and improving communication.

The goal is to solve challenges commonly faced during production while increasing visibility into what’s happening in the plant.

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Features Designed for Metal Forming & Stamping Manufacturing

Get visibility into the plant, understand how it’s running, in real-time, and know if you’re on track to hit your production goals with a complete metal forming & stamping software solution.

Real-time data enables fabricated metal and stamping manufacturers to monitor operations, manage job scheduling with ease, and eliminate manual tasks.

See How Mingo Can Improve Your Factory

Built by people who know manufacturing, Mingo provides the 21st century “Smart Factory” experience that manufacturers need to grow in a modern environment. See how it can help you drive revenue.

Metal Forming Manufacturer Reduced Downtime by 73% and Eliminated Manual Reporting

This level of transparency creates a residual effect throughout the company, a culture of understanding, greater communication and consensus.

Spencer Cushman

Director of Operations, H&T Waterbury

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Still have questions about metal stamping software?

Manufacturing businesses need software to help them understand what’s happening on the floor and make data-driven decisions that will ultimately help on-time delivery rates, increase customer satisfaction, and grow revenue.

Eliminate Manual Reporting: Specifically, manufacturers will gain the ability to eliminate manual reporting by automating data collection, replacing pen and paper and Excel with real-time dashboards, and receive end-of-shift, end-of-day, or end-of-week reports. No more waiting for someone to collect, report, and send the data, sometimes days later. Now, manufacturers can get insight into production in time to correct any problems that arise.

Know Where You Stand: Traditional planning in an ERP is too rigid, and using Excel is mistake-prone and tedious. With manufacturing productivity software, manufacturers get flexible production scheduling that enables decision-making on the fly. Make decisions based on labor or customer demands to meet goals and get products out the door.

Increase Capacity: Fabricated metal and metal stamping software give manufacturers the ability to find all of the inefficiencies that cause problems and eliminate them. This leads to increased capacity and being able to produce more with the same amount of resources. Manufacturers will see the capacity to produce quicker and increased profitability.

Achieve Quality Standards: Quality is a crucial metric in the metal forming industry. It’s critical to track and measure quality at all times, yet many manufacturers find this difficult to do without the right software in place. With our software, you can understand the quality of a part from data that is automatically collected, eliminating the need for manual reporting. The data provides insights into problems that are occurring, ultimately helping you improve quality.

Mobilize your team with iOS and Android applications designed to provide real-time insight into the plant, even when remote. The mobile app, in addition to automated manufacturing insights emails, provide configurable alerts. Customize alerts to include only the metrics you care most about – unplanned downtime, high scrap rates, production numbers for each shift, the options are seemingly endless.

Visibility into the plant is further established with scoreboards placed throughout the plant, operator screens at every machine, station, or line, and real-time dashboards. See exactly how the plant is performing and if production is ahead or behind schedule. All of these features are designed to give fabricated metal manufacturers and metal stamping manufacturers the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Without visibility, it’s hard to know what’s happening and when product will be delivered. With software designed to tackle these challenges, metal stamping and fabricated metal manufacturers can improve productivity and efficiencies, leading to increased profit margins and customer satisfaction. As a fabricated metal or metal stamping manufacturer, you have to produce a variety of products while keeping up with customer demand. It can be difficult to do, let alone grow, without the right software in place.

Mingo has been designed to meet your needs, allowing you to maintain quality, increase capacity, eliminate manual reporting, and flexibly plan the schedule, all of which lead to making data-driven decisions, improving, and growing the company.

The best software for metal stamping and metal fabricator manufacturers is the one that is going to help achieve goals. Sounds vague, right? Our goal isn’t to sway you in Mingo’s direction but to encourage you to make an informed decision about the needs of your plant. What do you want to achieve by implementing software? This is the question you’re going to need to answer before moving forward with any company.

When you’ve decided on goals you want to achieve, the next step is determining how that software vendor will help you achieve those goals. What is their business philosophy? What do they promise to solve? What is their pricing? Does it fit within your budget? Will the software help you grow over time? There are a lot of questions you’re going to need to ask before making a decision. But, this isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Like we said, whichever vendor you choose needs to be able to help you achieve your goals. If they aren’t going to be able to do that, it might not be the right fit.