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Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection

Predictive Monitoring

Mingo Smart Factory’s Manufacturing Analytics not only helps monitor machines or lines to decide when maintenance is needed, but with continuous monitoring, supports preventive maintenance.

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73% Reduction in downtime

Using vibration and temperature sensors, transmit data to Mingo Smart Factory’s Manufacturing Analytics understands trends, reporting, and analyzes data. Then, integrates data with your CMMS system to schedule maintenance, track inventory, and maintain workflow.

Predictive Monitoring Solution

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More Efficient Workflows, Streamlined Communication

Knowing when a machine is running or not is half the battle. If the machine is experiencing unscheduled downtime, maintenance is called in to fix the problem. Understanding what is happening if the machine is not running is the next priority. What if a potential problem could be fixed before it occurs, based on data gathered from the machine?

Using Mingo Manufacturing Analytics, condition-based monitoring and preventive maintenance can be achieved. Using the example below, we’ll show you how:

  • A change in temperature or vibration on the machine indicates a problem
  • Mingo receives an alert of irregular changes
  • A maintenance order is issued 
  • Once the issue is fixed, an automatic alert is sent notifying that the machine or line is back in production

Mingo Smart Factory continuously tracks meter readings, in line with the number of cycles and runtime data of your machines or lines.  Using the data gathered, see the overall picture of the health of the machine.

Reduce costs and time spent on maintenance with condition monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Mingo made the impossible, possible. They took on the challenge and we now have all of our critical machines connected.

Ray Jonoubei

Director, Manufacturing Engineer & Facilities, Mission Bell

The Short Guide to Preventive Maintenance

How do you build a preventive maintenance program that curbs failure and you can stick to? This free guide, from our partners at Fiix CMMS, provides the blueprint for building an effective preventive maintenance program.

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