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How much would a 5% OEE increase impact your business?

Smart Factory Digital Assessment

In the manufacturing world, a few simple metrics can speak volumes about your operation’s true performance. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is arguably the most powerful indicator in this realm and can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line.

This broad measurement rolls multiple critical factors into one top-line number — availability, performance and quality. In doing so, OEE provides manufacturers with a quantifiable score directly tied to their abilities to run lean, maximize asset utilization, and ultimately drive profitability.

What Will You Learn From This Assessment?

If a manufacturer has world-class OEE scores across their plant floor, they’re extracting every ounce of potential from their equipment while minimizing losses from unplanned downtime, speed or quality issues. It’s the ultimate competitive weapon for managing costs and operating efficiently.

This 20 question assessment will take about five minutes and show you:

  • What level of digital transformation your factory floor is ready for
  • Potential OEE increase working with a production monitoring system
  • Next steps for optimization
production monitoring

Without the capability to continually monitor OEE and its subcomponents in real-time, that razor-sharp insight gets dull quickly. You’d essentially be flying blind, reactively putting out fires rather than proactively improving operations.

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