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Save Time & Money

Too Much Unplanned Overtime

Unplanned overtime causes significantly higher costs, decreasing the bottom line.

Measuring your floor, consistently, with manufacturing analytics and real-time data can help minimize, or even eliminate unplanned overtime.

Know What's Happening in the Plant

Use real-time data from the floor to help you get insight into what’s causing unplanned overtime.

Visibility Into Your Progress

Are you going to meet daily or weekly goals? Know where you stand, and make decisions based on your progress to avoid unplanned weekend overtime.

Create Achievable Targets

Accurately track against the schedule, and provide employees the ability to understand the goals, creating transparency.

Know What’s Happening in the Plant

Getting visibility into the day-to-day activities of the plant will help you eliminate unplanned overtime.

Know how long it takes to make a part. If changeovers take too long, know why. Find and reduce scrap and rework problems, quickly. Understand when and why unplanned downtime happens. Know if maintenance is needed.

When you know the details of what’s happening, you’ll be able to stop problems as they happen, before unplanned overtime is needed.

Visibility into Your Progress

Getting visibility into how you’re doing against the targets for the week will enable you to schedule and plan accordingly. How far ahead or behind the schedule are you at any given time?

Make adjustments as needed to make sure you’re going to deliver on-time and not run overtime on the weekend.

Create Achievable Targets

Understand planned versus actual production. Are you planning too much in a week? Are you on track to meet your goals?

A scoreboard and operator screen can help people understand what the targets are and where they stand every day, in real-time.

When you accurately track against the schedule, you’re not only promising efficient planning and understanding of capacity, but creating a balanced overtime schedule that inevitably creates a happy workforce.

Case Study

“This helped us reduce errors and work more efficiently.”

A reduction in overtime was exactly what we were looking to do with this project, and that’s exactly what we have achieved.
Chad Hill
CEO at Versatech

Common Challenges in Manufacturing

Lack of Visibility & No Accountability

Without visibility into the plant, it’s hard to know if you’re winning the day. How can you see what’s happening in real-time?

Excess Downtime

Every minute a machine is not running represents lost opportunity. How can you reduce downtime on the floor?

Manual Processes

Traditional, manual data collection is not timely or accurate. How do you ensure automatic data collection that helps to provide insight into what’s happening in the plant?

Low Capacity, Throughput

Throughput is extremely important to a manufacturer’s ability to meet schedules and deliver on time. How can you increase capacity and ensure goals are met?

Poor On-Time Delivery

How do you ensure on-time delivery? Knowing if you’re winning the day can help you achieve that goal.

High Scrap Rate & Quality Issues

Without real quality measurements, scrap is just money going down the drain. How can you reduce scrap and ensure quality?