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Visualize your machines

OEM Analytics

OEM analytics provides customized data collection on your machine’s performance, for both you and your customer.

Now you can visualize real data from your customers; see how they use your machines, perform remote machine diagnosis, and provide better customer service.


Add Value and Provide Better Customer Service

Mingo Smart Factory provides OEMs with machine usage, trends, and more that can also be delivered to the customer, while helping you provide better customer service.

By providing your customers with visibility into your machines on their plant floor, you’re giving them incredible insight. OEM analytics can be used by your customer for any machine on the floor, providing plant-wide visibility and data-driven productivity gains.

Build Better Machines

How do you decide to build a new product? How do you decide what features are most important to add? How do you even know how customers actually use your machines?

With Mingo Smart Factory, you don’t have to visit customers or rely on inaccurate surveys. You can see objectively what machines are used and what features will offer your customers the most value.


Tacony Saves Over $500k in Unrealized Revenue by Reducing 14-Week Backlog

Prove the ROI of Your Machines

What is the total cost of ownership and return on investment of your machines and solutions? With OEM analytics, provide exact details on the value of your machines based on hard, quantifiable data.

Help your team sell better than ever before by equipping them with that exact data. Allow them to differentiate your machines and services from the competition and prove the ROI of your machines.


Perform Remote Machine Diagnosis

Ever had a customer call you and wonder why a certain alarm code is going off? Wouldn’t it save that customer money – and you – a lot of time if you could quickly and easily monitor what was happening with that particular machine in real-time?

In addition to real-time monitoring, you can look at trends over time. Identify why a particular model may be causing alarm codes or downtime events. Understand how to improve future models or find and fix recurring issues.

Be a hero for your customers. Solve both short – and long-term problems for them.

Proactive Maintenance & Service Plans

Build new streams of revenue for your business. Dive down into the details of a specific machine at a customer site to understand exactly how the machine or model is performing and make both reactive and proactive suggestions, saving you and the customer money.

This gives OEMs the ability to offer service plans and preventative maintenance to customers, often providing the opportunity to notify a customer of a potential issue before it becomes a big problem.

Gain a recurring stream of revenue, and help customers save money they might have otherwise lost.


Explore More Features

Mingo is the smartest and most complete analytics and productivity platform for growing manufacturing businesses. With solutions so effective, you’ll wonder how you ever ran your factory without it.

Real-Time Visibility


Get notified now of issues in the plant, don't wait until tomorrow.


Overhead visual management tool showing real time work center status.

Operator Screen

Intuitive interface to understand where you are now, and enter data like downtime change overs, scrap, and quality.

Automated Data Collection

Collect data automatically from any machine new or old. Replace Excel, paper, and whiteboards.

Operational Awareness


Customizable easy to use dashboards give you the information need to run the plant on a day to day basis.

Automated Reporting

Automatic end of shift, end of day, or end of week reporting right in your inbox.

Scheduling & Management

Integrate your schedule and know if you will hit your due dates before its a problem.

Labor Tracking

Track who worked on what work orders and when. Improve costing and training.

Intuitive Analytics


View and summarize data by week, month, and year.

Pivot Tables

One of Excel's most popular features built right into Mingo. No need to export.


Open API to connect with ERP, Maintenance Manage or any other software.

Process Data

Collect and correlate any data with production runs, speed, pressure, temperature, weights.