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Lack of Visibility and No Accountability

Without visibility into the plant, it’s hard to know if you’re winning the day.

Manufacturing analytics can provide visibility and accountability to fix the problems on the floor and deliver a positive return on investment.

Visibility on the Factory Floor
Stop Problems as They Happen

Using data automatically collected from the floor, understand when a problem is occurring and how to stop it.

Win the Day

Know where production stands against the schedule and create accountability throughout the organization.

Use Data to Drive Decisions

Use the data to determine your next big win, and support and maintain continuous improvement efforts.

Stop Problems as They Happen

Using data automatically collected from the floor, understand when a problem is occurring and how to stop it.

Know when a machine goes down, if changeovers are taking too long, or if there’s too much scrap on any given line. The visibility gained from real-time data will give you and your team the ability to stop problems as they happen.


Win the Day

Know where you stand against the schedule at any given time. Is production ahead or behind? What needs to done to ensure daily production goals are met?

Help employees know exactly what they’re supposed to do, every day. Set goals to achieve and provide incremental targets to help them reach their goals.

Seeing and tracking against the goals provides employees, at any level of the organization, the ability to know what to do and provide accountability.

Use Data to Drive Decisions

With real-time dashboards and Pareto Charts, understand where the biggest problems are coming from. Use that data to make decisions about what needs to be done to fix problems. Support continuous improvement efforts with historical data.

Consistent data provides the ability to focus on the problems affecting production, without relying on human intuition or opinions. The data doesn’t lie and will provide you with complete visibility into your processes.

Case Study

“What Gets Tracked, Gets Improved.”

Matt Hill
I’ve been working with data and solving problems for the last 8 years, but never had anything in place like Mingo. It started something we didn’t know before; all of the problems we thought were small problems actually weren’t.
Matt Hill

Operations Improvement Coordinator at H&T

Common Challenges in Manufacturing

Excess Downtime

Every minute a machine is not running represents lost opportunity. How can you reduce downtime on the floor?

Poor On-Time Delivery

How do you ensure on-time delivery? Knowing if you’re winning the day can help you achieve that goal.

Manual Processes

Traditional, manual data collection is not timely or accurate. How do you ensure automatic data collection that helps to provide insight into what’s happening in the plant?

Low Capacity, Throughput

Throughput is extremely important to a manufacturer’s ability to meet schedules and deliver on time. How can you increase capacity and ensure goals are met?

Too Much Unplanned Overtime, High Costs

Unplanned overtime causes significantly higher costs, decreasing the bottom line. How do you eliminate unplanned overtime to reduce costs?

High Scrap Rate & Quality Issues

Without real quality measurements, scrap is just money going down the drain. How can you reduce scrap and ensure quality?