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Top 10 Mingo Smart Factory Features You Need Right Now

If you’re ready to modernize your manufacturing processes and reap the rewards, look no further than Mingo Smart Factory

This cutting-edge digital toolset provides a suite of powerful features. It is designed to help you streamline your processes, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and drive business growth. 

From real-time data collection and analysis to automated cycle/part counts and downtime detection, Mingo Smart Factory provides the tools to make your factory truly smart. 

We also know that finding success in the modern manufacturing world means staying ahead of the competition with innovation and efficiency.

This blog highlights the top 10 features for forward-thinking manufacturers looking to take their operations to the next level.

So, let’s dive in and discover the top 10 features you need to upgrade your manufacturing operations!

FEATURE 1: Scoreboards – Real-Time Scoreboards & Overhead Displays

Mingo Smart Factory Scoreboards

One of the most essential features of Mingo Smart Factory is its real-time scoreboards and overhead displays.

These scoreboards provide a visual representation of the status of each machine and the entire production line. That makes it easier for managers and employees to understand what is happening in the plant.

Importance of visual management in manufacturing environments

Visual management is a critical aspect of modern manufacturing. It provides a way for companies to get a real-time view of the plant’s performance. 

With visual management systems like scoreboards and Andon systems, manufacturers can see what is happening on the floor and make quick decisions based on that information. 

This type of real-time visibility is essential in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments, where any delay can significantly impact production and profitability.

Benefits of real-time visibility and how it helps in quick decision-making

Real-time visibility enables manufacturers to fix problems as they arise rather than wait until the shift’s end or the next day. 

With a real-time view of the production line, you can quickly identify any issues that need to be addressed and take action.

This can minimize downtime, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

How scoreboards help in tracking progress, measuring performance, and keeping employees engaged

Scoreboards are critical for tracking progress, measuring performance, and keeping employees engaged. 

With real-time updates on production KPIs, employees can see exactly where they stand and what is expected of them. 

This helps to create a sense of ownership and accountability among employees, as they can see their actions’ impact on the production line’s overall success. 

Scoreboards provide a complete picture of the status of each machine and the entire production line. That enables managers to understand what is happening and make informed decisions quickly.

FEATURE 2: Mobile App and Alerts

Mingo-Mobile App and Alerts

The Mingo Smart Factory mobile app is a convenient way for manufacturers to access important production data and analytics. 

With real-time visibility and monitoring capabilities, this app helps to keep manufacturers informed and in control of their operations even when they’re away from the plant floor.

Mingo Smart Factory Mobile App is a convenient way to access production data and analytics

The Mingo Smart Factory Mobile App provides manufacturers with a simple yet powerful tool for accessing critical production data and analytics

Whether on the plant floor or working remotely, the app lets you see what’s happening in real-time and make informed decisions about your operations. 

The app provides a complete view of your production performance with various features and metrics, such as machine cell OEE, downtime, and scrap alerts.

Various features and metrics available in the app, such as machine cell OEE, downtime, and scrap alerts

The Mingo Smart Factory Mobile App provides manufacturers with various features and metrics. 

The app includes key metrics such as OEE, cycle times, availability, performance, and quality, allowing manufacturers to see their operations’ performance at a glance. 

The app provides real-time machine and production data, including downtime alerts and comparing target versus actual production counts.

How the app enables remote monitoring and real-time notifications

Manufacturers can monitor their plants remotely with the Mingo Smart Factory Mobile App. That will allow them to stay informed and control their operations no matter where they are. 

The app provides real-time metrics and alerts for the machines, cells, and lines that manufacturers are responsible for.

The app also provides a history of all notifications, ensuring that manufacturers never miss a downtime event and can quickly respond to any issues.

FEATURE 3: Dashboards


Dashboards in Mingo Smart Factory provide a comprehensive view of production data and analytics. 

With customizable dashboards, you can tailor the display to your specific needs and preferences.

Customizable dashboards in Mingo Smart Factory

With various visualizations, data sources, and widgets, these dashboards provide an overview of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to the business.

With the ability to see all the relevant data in one place, manufacturers can quickly make decisions about their operations and production processes. 

Dashboards in Mingo Smart Factory are designed to help manufacturers stay informed about their operations and quickly identify areas for improvement.

How they help in summarizing and visualizing data for better decision-making

The dashboards in Mingo Smart Factory allow manufacturers to take a data-driven approach to decision-making. 

The dashboards provide a real-time view of the KPIs, making it easy to spot trends and anomalies. This can help in improving efficiency, reducing waste, and driving growth. 

FEATURE 4: Dashboard Subscriptions 

Dashboard Subscriptions-Mingo

Dashboard subscriptions in Mingo Smart Factory are a powerful tool that provides real-time insights into the performance of your manufacturing plant. 

This feature automates the reporting process, eliminating the need for manual reporting that is prone to errors and takes up much time. 

With dashboard subscriptions, you can receive regular updates at the end of the shift, end of the day, or end of the week. The numbers are delivered straight to your inbox.

Automated reporting for better productivity and reduced errors 

The manual process of compiling and distributing production reports is time-consuming and error-prone. 

With Mingo Smart Factory’s dashboard subscriptions, manufacturers can automate this process and free up valuable time to perform value-added tasks. 

With real-time insights into plant performance, making improvements and reducing errors is more than possible.

Aligning the entire organization with real-time manufacturing insights delivered straight to your inbox.

Dashboard subscriptions are designed to provide visibility to all levels of the organization. 

By delivering manufacturing insights straight to your inbox, everyone in the plant stays aligned and informed about the current status of the plant. 

This eliminates the finger-pointing and guessing game and ensures everyone is on the same page. 

In addition to email subscriptions, manufacturers can stay on top of what’s happening now with the Mingo Smart Factory Mobile App.

FEATURE 5: Custom Calculations

Custom Calculations-Mingo

As a design principle, Mingo Smart Factory has 80% of what manufacturers need out of the box. 

However, it also provides the tools to customize the system to meet the remaining 20%, which makes each company unique. 

Mingo Smart Factory’s custom calculations, custom fields, and custom objects are powerful tools for customization.

The ability to create custom calculations and fields for a more personalized experience 

Mingo Smart Factory allows you to create custom calculations, fields, and objects to meet the specific requirements of each manufacturing company. 

This way, you can have a more personalized experience and tailor the system to your needs. 

Whether it’s to monitor specific KPIs, create new metrics, or track custom data points, custom calculations and fields can be easily made.

Custom objects to meet the specific requirements of each manufacturing company.

Custom objects in Mingo Smart Factory allow you to create entirely new entities within the system. 

This way, you can store data, create custom workflows, and customize the user interface to meet specific requirements. 

With custom objects, you can control the system completely, ensuring it meets your needs and helps drive your business forward.

FEATURE 6: Scheduling – Production Planning & Scheduling


Production scheduling is a critical aspect of any manufacturing process.

With Mingo Smart Factory, you can control your production schedule completely, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The scheduling features in Mingo Smart Factory

Mingo Smart Factory offers scheduling features that help you optimize production planning and ensure accountability. 

From tracking the status of jobs in real-time to understanding capacity, Mingo Smart Factory helps you to stay ahead of the curve.

Real-time tracking of production schedules and progress

With the scheduling feature in Mingo Smart Factory, you can stay on top of your production schedules and track progress in real-time. 

This lets you understand if you are ahead or behind schedule and gives you a clear picture of your capacity and what needs to be done next. 

You can reduce lead times and make them more predictable, ensuring you stay on track and meet your production targets. 

The real-time tracking of schedules and progress is a valuable tool for any manufacturing company looking to improve efficiency and accountability.

A step-by-step overview of how the scheduling process works within Mingo Smart Factory

Mingo Smart Factory’s scheduling process is designed to be easy and intuitive. It allows quickly get up and running with your production planning and scheduling. 

The scheduling process starts with job creation, followed by scheduling and tracking, and finally, monitoring and reporting.

With Mingo Smart Factory, you can create jobs and assign them to specific machines, set start and end times, and track the progress of each job in real-time. 

In addition, Mingo Smart Factory provides detailed reporting and analytics, giving you a clear picture of how your production schedule is performing. 

FEATURE 7: Operator Screen

Operator Screen-Mingo

Operators are the ones who keep the machines running and are responsible for ensuring that production runs smoothly. 

The Operator Screen in Mingo Smart Factory provides a dedicated interface to track progress and manage tasks.

The benefits of providing operators with a dedicated screen 

The Operator Screen is designed to provide real-time information on the line or machine’s performance. 

That includes if the operator is ahead or behind schedule, the amount of downtime experienced so far, and when the current job or work order will be completed. 

This information helps operators to stay informed and make decisions quickly to improve production performance.

In addition to providing real-time information, the Operator Screen enables operators to enter essential data that can’t be captured automatically. 

This includes information such as changing from one job to another, entering downtimes, scrap, and completing quality forms.

How it contributes to better production performance and employee engagement

By providing operators with the right information at the right time, the Operator Screen helps to improve employee engagement. 

It makes their jobs easier and helps ensure they align with the organization’s goals. The result is improved production performance and a more productive workforce.

Overall, the Operator Screen in Mingo Smart Factory is essential for manufacturers who want to improve their production processes, reduce downtime, and increase employee engagement.

FEATURE 8: Forms


Forms in Mingo Smart Factory are essential in collecting and managing data

Forms provide manufacturers with a digital solution to replace traditional paper-based data collection methods.

The forms feature allows manufacturers to gather data from operators in real-time, eliminating the need for manual data transfer to another system.

Forms feature in Mingo Smart Factory and its role in collecting and managing data

The forms feature in Mingo Smart Factory is designed to help manufacturers collect and manage data more efficiently. 

This feature provides an easy-to-use interface for operators to enter and submit data, which can be stored, reported on, and alerted about as needed. 

This eliminates the need for manual data transfer to another system and ensures that the data entered is correlated with production runs and work orders. 

The form’s feature aligns with Mingo Smart Factory’s 80/20 design principle. 

They provide manufacturers with a solution that meets 80% of their data collection needs out of the box while also allowing them to customize the remaining 20% to meet their specific requirements.

Benefits of using forms in a manufacturing environment

The forms feature in Mingo Smart Factory offers numerous benefits to manufacturers; real-time data collection and analysis, increased accuracy and reliability, and improved efficiency. 

By eliminating paper-based data collection processes, manufacturers can reduce the risk of errors and obtain more accuracy.

Additionally, manufacturers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how their operations are performing. 

FEATURE 9: Start Small and Grow

Start Small and Grow-Mingo

Mingo Smart Factory provides a flexible and scalable solution for manufacturing companies. That allows them to start small and gradually expand the system as their needs and growth evolve. 

This approach ensures quick wins, builds confidence in the system, and provides a strong foundation for adding more functionality over time. 

With Mingo Smart Factory, there is no need to wait months or even years to see the benefits of a manufacturing productivity software system. 

The ability to start small and grow at your own pace is a key advantage of Mingo Smart Factory.

Benefits of starting with a smaller implementation and gradually expanding the system

Starting small with Mingo Smart Factory means that manufacturers can quickly see the system’s benefits, such as monitoring downtime, tracking part counts, and monitoring performance. 

This approach provides a strong foundation for the system and leads to a more comprehensive implementation over time. 

With Mingo Smart Factory, companies can avoid the long implementation times often associated with manufacturing software systems and instead grow the system as their needs grow.

FEATURE 10: Process Data

Process Data-Mingo

Process data provides insight into the performance of machines and how they operate while producing a specific product. 

With the right tools, process data can be collected, analyzed, and leveraged for better results.

Importance of process data in optimizing production processes and identifying areas for improvement

Process data includes information such as pressure, temperature, speed, flow rates, tank levels, and vibration that can provide valuable insights into the performance of machines. 

By tracking and analyzing this data, manufacturers can identify areas for improvement and optimize their production processes. 

This leads to increased efficiency and improved product quality.

How Mingo Smart Factory helps in collecting, analyzing, and leveraging process data for better decision-making

Mingo Smart Factory provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and leveraging process data. 

Manufacturers gain real-time visibility into machine performance by monitoring machine settings and receiving alerts for changes or deviations.

The system also correlates process data with production runs, so manufacturers can understand precisely how the machine performed when a particular product was produced. 

This makes it easy to identify and resolve any quality issues that may arise.


Mingo Smart Factory is a comprehensive solution for manufacturers looking to optimize their production processes and make data-driven decisions. 

The top 10 features of Mingo Smart Factory mentioned here offer a comprehensive approach to improving manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the critical strengths of Mingo Smart Factory is its ability to integrate data from any machine or software system. 

Thereby it limits the amount of manual data entry and maximizes the accuracy and reliability of the data collected. 

This capability, combined with the ability to start small and gradually expand the system, makes Mingo Smart Factory an ideal solution for companies of all sizes and at all stages of growth.

Whether you are looking to improve your production performance, reduce downtime, or increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes, Mingo Smart Factory has the features and capabilities to meet your needs. 

So why wait? Explore Mingo Smart Factory today and see how it can help transform your manufacturing operations and drive success.

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