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Tacony Case Study: Webinar

See How Tacony Achieved 9x ROI with Mingo

Learn how Tacony used manufacturing analytics and apply that knowledge to your own plant.

Webinar Description

In this webinar, learn how Tacony tackled problems at the plants, found incredible benefits along the way, and even discovered a new use case for manufacturing productivity and analytics software, all while seeing a 9x ROI and reducing lead time by 150%.

Faced with many challenges in a multi-site environment, Nick Hinman, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, and Ben Wohlschlaeger, Business Process Optimization Manager, at Tacony knew a solution was needed to help increase the efficiency of the plant, and as they later found out, in surprising ways. With Mingo, the team was able to utilize a simplified application that shows all of the necessary data, without adding too many complexities that also promised the ability to crawl, walk, and run in implementation.