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Mingo Smart Factory

Mingo Smart Factory is the easiest to use, fastest to implement production monitoring system that you won’t outgrow. This productivity platform is a plug-and-play solution that can be deployed in days not months. It integrates easily with other software.

Visibility on the Factory Floor

Mingo Smart Factory Customers Typically:

Reduce short stops by 70%

Eliminate 8 hours per week on manual reporting

Find their standardized cycle times are off by as much as 40%

Implementing Production Monitoring

6-Step Guide

The goal of this guide is to assist manufacturers with the implementation of production monitoring on the plant floor to solve business challenges.

With the right data and the right tools to visualize data, production monitoring can connect your machines and empower you to help solve many of the manufacturing challenges affecting productivity.

Build a strong foundation for maximum ROI.

Mingo provides real-time visibility on the factory floor, improves on-time delivery, and increases revenue & profitability of manufacturing companies.

Replace Manual Reporting
Real Time Visibility
Understand Capacity
Reduce Downtime

Why Do Customers Love Mingo Smart Factory?

Easy to Use, Flexible to Deploy & Fast Return on Value

Modular & Flexible, Grows with the Company

Built for Manufacturing Teams, Not IT

The Mingo Guarantee

We will show you the problems you never knew you had

Automatically collect real-time manufacturing data, contextualize it, gather meaningful insights, and display it in actionable dashboards.

Solve Problems As They Happen

Get Rid of White Boards Full of Last Week's Numbers

Mingo Smart Factory works with manufacturers to help them get a better grasp on what is actually happening on the factory floor right now. No more relying on gut feelings or historical data to determine if the factory had a good week or bad week.

Stop wasting hours each week assigning someone to walk the factory floor to collect counts, write them on a clipboard, transpose the information onto a white board in the break room, and then pass it off to an intern to enter into Excel.

Automatically collect data through Mingo Sensrtrx sensors, PLC computers or a tablet enabled dashboard. This improves accuracy by removing human error and allows for additional data to be imported like temperature and vibration levels.

Access information instantly from the dashboard to make data-driven decisions. Sign up for automated reporting to be delivered to your email inbox every morning. Get alerted to issues as they happen with mobile alerts.

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Mingo Smart Factory Product Features

All-in-one solution with hardware to connect older machines to the cloud & software for real time data analysis

Software is plug-and-play and fast to implement in days, not months

Gateways and hardware are easy to install by your maintenance staff

Mobile & email alerts so you can get updates and solve problems as they happen

Mingo boxes with gateways and any additional hardware are shipped 80% configured for your unique factory set-up

Flexible dashboard is designed for operators and easy to use

US based customer support team are industry experts and ready to help with any questions

Grows with your business as you identify the next areas for improvement