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New Product Releases – June 2024

Mingo Smart Factory has six exciting new product releases just in time for the start of Q3.

Location Restrictions

The first product release is perfect for companies with multiple locations. You can now restrict users to certain facilities, departments and even machines. Everything in the system is filtered by these restrictions including dashboards and production history.

We have a great new product feature in Mingo Smart Factory for companies with multiple locations, multiple departments, or a lot of machines. It’s the ability to limit the areas that a specific user can access. Let’s say you have four different facilities. This feature allows you to restrict users to only see production information from their location. The press operator in the Kansas City plant would not have the option to enter downtime codes for the San Diego location. Their access can be further refined to only access the machines they are trained to operate.

This feature can also isolate specific departments. The supervisor of packaging and bottling lines can monitor their department across multiple locations in the world. What’s really nice about this, is it limits all of the other parts of the system. So if you click on administration, you will only see running productions for those machines in those departments that you have access to. Reporting will automatically pre-filter based on the user’s access level.

So this is really great for companies that have multiple locations, and you want some people to have access to everything. Let’s say they’re a corporate employee or an executive over all of manufacturing, but the local employees, you want to limit them to only their plant, their departments, or even their individual pieces of equipment.

Schedule Multi Sort

The second product release allows for additional customization of the scheduling system based on your factory’s priorities. Sort by multiple fields on the schedule bulk edit and work queue screens.

For example, if you have this bulk grid and want to sort by start date and then due date together. You can hold down, either the command button on Mac or the control button on Windows, and sort by the second column. And if you click this again, you can sort in the other direction. This option is also available to sort by job number and cell number. Once the sorting is set on bulk grids, it will stick as you navigate to different pages.

These will be short sorted in that same order as well on the machine Kanbans. This feature is also supported when you look at the work queue for a user. You can sort based on whatever you want configured. In the example shown in the video, the grid is sorted by part number, required quantity, then completed quantity.

The save this configuration, click on layout then save. This makes it easy to sort by the priority that you want to and not just by how things are are being ordered in the Kanban or the bulk scheduling screen.

Process Data on Scoreboards

The third product release allows you to add process data to scoreboards. Process data can be any other data that’s not quantity scrap or downtime that you want to track inside of Mingo Smart Factory. For example, it could include vibration metrics, speed, or settings on a machine.

Setting up custom process data metrics is really easy to do. Once you have your process data set up and it’s already collecting, you can go over and edit your scoreboard and show it on your scoreboard just like you would show it on a dashboard.

In the video, CEO Bryan Sapot takes you through a few different metric options and shows how to edit and categorize them.

Alerts on Scoreboards

The fourth product release is a new alert feature on the scoreboard. Scoreboards now have a wonderful new feature that allows you to display the alerts that you see on the operator screen on a scoreboard.

For example, a call maintenance alert on the upper right portion of the operator screen is yellow. The scoreboard can be configured to show that same alert so that supervisors can instantly see the issue and contact maintenance.

Maximum Quantity

The fifth product release in a new feature that helps with data integrity within the Operator Screen. It is the ability to limit the maximum quantity that someone can enter manually.

This feature is now available across all different license levels. To find this setting, go to Companies, Edit, Settings, and find Maximum Quantity. This works for barcode scanning as well. Setting an upper limit to the maximum quantity helps in case an operator accidentally enters the wrong number when submitting data manually.

Operator Head Count

The sixth product release helps manufacturers track the number of people working on a production line. This feature also enables customers to clock in individual operators to track exactly who was running on that piece of equipment or that line.

Head counts can now be calculated based on the number of clocked in operators. This feature is currently only available for Enterprise customers. The settings can be found under Company Settings. The number of clocked in employees will be used to drive performance metrics like cycle times.

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