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A COmplete Solution

Mingo Smart Factory is a complete IoT solution that gives you everything you need to get visibility and insight into production.

  • Collect and store data from anywhere
  • Understand and correct your problems
  • Get real-time insight into productivity and maintenance

“Mingo provides the best customer service of any company I have ever worked with.”

– Lucas Chapman, Director of Food Operations, Cresco Labs

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Proven Results Across All Industries

It’s a fact: Mingo proves ROI 9x times faster than any other manufacturing software*

*According to a case study from Tacony Corporation. **Individual results may vary

Tacony used data to drive strategy & increase efficiency

  • 150% reduction in lead time 
  • Gained $500k in unrealized revenue
  • Reduced 14-week backlog
  • 9x return on investment

Oral Biotech gained real-time visibility into the plant

  • Increased OEE by 25%
  • Reduced scrap 99.8%
  • Eliminated manual reporting


Complete Solution

Mingo Smart Factory is an all-in-one software solution with dashboards scheduling, hardware, and a mobile app.

Seamless and Fast to Deploy

Get up and running in less than 1 day and immediately get visibility into the plant.

Track KPIs

Get insight into important KPIs like OEE, cycle time, downtime utilization, throughput, and more.

Visual Management

Tracks metrics and see how the plant is doing with visual tools like scoreboards and dashboards.


Collect data from anywhere. Enable automatic communication between your machines and Mingo.

Support the Entire Plant

From shop floor to the top floor, get valuable insights giving you the ability to make data-driven decisions.