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Head of software Operations/CTO

The Head of Software Operations is responsible for creating a best in class software product for the manufacturing industry. This position reports to the CEO and is accountable for system uptime and performance and turning the companies product vision into reality. This opportunity is perfect for someone who has previously worked at a high growth start up and is ready to take their career to the next level and own the software group within Mingo.

This role is similar to a CTO in other companies

  • Player coach, must be able to code, lead and build a team
  • Build and manage the development team
  • Manage code reviews and releases
  • Build and manage automated testing strategy to ensure product quality
  • Ensure system uptime and performance
  • Turn the company’s product vision into reality.
  • Research new technologies and ways to improve the application, testing, and deployment.
  • Build and scale software operations (people, process, system, etc.) to deliver best in class customer experience.
Our Current Stack
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • TimescaleDB/Postgres
  • Nodejs
  • Angular
  • Kendo/UI
  • Redis
  • Docker
Technical Requirements
  • 5+ years experience with Nodejs development
  • 5+ years experience with SQL, database design and administration
  • Experience in running distributed systems on AWS
  • Proven experience in cross functionality professional services teams
  • Bias for action
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Comfortable building and leading teams in a remote company
  • Interest in manufacturing
  • Salary
  • Equity
  • Health insurance
  • 401K
What is Mingo?

Mingo is manufacturing productivity and analytics platform that provides real-time visibility on the factory floor that helps reduce downtime, improve on-time delivery, and increase profitability of manufacturing companies.

Mingo empowers manufacturers to start small, think big, move fast, and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing productivity and analytics software.

Why Work With Us?

The future we imagine is to constantly find new ways to reduce complexities and improve flow while bringing calm to manufacturing. We can do that as a team by embodying 3 key qualities.

Life Long Learners – We believe in the mantra “never stop learning”. To be the revolutionary, tech-forward, insightful organization we strive to be, it’s important to regularly learn new things. Continuously learning is an important part of who we are at Mingo.

Revolutionary – We’re a tech-forward organization of people. Whether in a software developer, sales, engineering, or marketing role, we strive to solve problems in the manufacturing industry through technology-focused means.

Insightful – We take pride in our ability to listen to manufacturers and develop solutions that will solve the problems affecting their plants. The goal is to make things as easy as possible while also providing the most value, and we do that as a unified team.