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How to Calculate OEE in Excel Video

Calculating OEE in Excel is a quick and easy way to understand how your machines or manufacturing processes are performing. OEE is one of the KPIs every manufacturing company should track.

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness; it measures the Availability, Performance, and Quality of your machine or process.

In the video, we cover how to calculate OEE for a single machine and how to calculate OEE for individual jobs. You can use the same formulas to calculate OEE for your entire manufacturing plant or individual departments.

How to Calculate OEE in Excel

Pit Falls of Using Excel for OEE

Excel is a significant first step to tracking OEE, but there are better ways to do it over the long run.

There are a few problems with using Excel to calculate OEE:

  1. Data entry is manual; it is easy to fat-finger or mistype data in the cells.
  2. It is easy to modify a formula that changes the numbers in the spreadsheet.
  3. Typically one person is responsible for managing and updating the spreadsheet. The data is not updated if this person is out of the office.
  4. It takes a lot of work to analyze data over a long period. Typically the Excel sheets calculate OEE by day or week. If you want to understand your data over months or years, this will be a long process.

We suggest replacing Excel and paper-based systems with a product like Mingo Smart Factory for these reasons and more.

Calculate OEE

Using this OEE Calculator for your machines and processes.

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