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The Latest Scoreboard Features: A Closer Look

Scoreboards are a great way to display data on the factory floor to keep everyone on the same page. In our latest release, we are upgrading the scoreboards to provide more visibility into what is happening on each line and machine. 

There are three new features to improve the functionality of the scoreboards:

  • Downtime Status Banner
  • Dynamic Tile Sizes
  • Scheduled Downtime Display

Below is a summary of how each feature works and a short video. 

Downtime Status Banner

The Downtime Status Banner allows you to display the current downtime reason and the down duration in a single metric on the scoreboard. It matches the downtime banner on the operator screen, so the operators and anyone looking at the scoreboard see the same thing. 

The Downtime Status Banner also supports planned and scheduled downtimes. When a planned or scheduled downtime is triggered, the banner shows a countdown timer like the operator screen. 

Dynamic Tiles Sizes

The single-machine scoreboard is one of the most popular formats. Currently, you can display nine tiles showing different metrics about a specific line or machine. Each tile is the same size which can make the scoreboard displays look odd with fewer than nine tiles. 

With this new release, the tiles now dynamically resize. For example, if you have one metric, it will take up the entire screen. Two metrics splits the screen in half, and so on. 

Dynamic Scoreboard Tiles

Scheduled Downtime Display

Last year we introduced Scheduled Downtimes. Scheduled Downtimes trigger at a specific time of day for a particular downtime reason and duration. For example, lunch happens at 11:00 am every day and lasts 30 minutes. It can be challenging for supervisors and operators to know why a line is not running and when it will return online. 

To help with this, we developed a new view on the single-machine scoreboard that displays when a scheduled downtime is active. It shows the current downtime reason, a countdown timer, and the current time. This display makes it very clear why the line is down and when it should return online. 

Scheduled Downtime View

In conclusion, the new scoreboard features provide many benefits for factory floor managers. The Downtime Status Banner makes it easy to see why a line is down at a glance, and the Dynamic Tile Sizes allow for more flexibility in how data is displayed. The Scheduled Downtime Display also helps to keep everyone on the same page by providing clear information about when a line will be down.

These new features can help to improve factory floor visibility and efficiency. By making it easier to see what is happening on the floor, managers can make better decisions and take corrective action more quickly. This can lead to reduced downtime, increased productivity, and improved profitability.

If you are looking for a way to improve the visibility and efficiency of your factory floor, consider the new scoreboard features. They can help you to keep your factory running smoothly and efficiently.

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