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Mingo and Fiix Work Together to Make Factory Floor More Productive and Connected

Manufacturing productivity application and CMMS platform join forces to create unity between production and maintenance teams

ST. LOUIS, Mo., August 22, 2019 – Technology has vastly changed and evolved processes in all industries, manufacturing included. With Mingo, you gain visibility into the health of your manufacturing processes in real-time. The application provides you the opportunity to make data-driven decisions that will improve your processes.

The benefits our application brings to manufacturers made us think, “What other technologies, when paired with Mingo, could improve production operations even further?” When complimentary connected systems are used in conjunction with one another, insight into your entire production operations, productivity, and cost-savings are unmatched.

Brainstorming about which companies could provide that help and level of efficiency was a short process with one clear standout – Fiix, a cloud-based CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software. Looking at the overall picture of the factory floor, we quickly realized that manufacturing productivity and maintenance management work hand in hand, and inevitably with the simultaneous use of our two products, productivity could be improved.

Seeing how complicated the world of maintenance management software could be, Fiix developed software to help simplify and manage maintenance work orders, which impressed us greatly.

Mingo can monitor and analyze machine data, and that data can then be delivered to the Fiix platform for a cohesive workflow. The benefits the two applications could provide would be great.

Integration Helps Improve Productivity 

Manufacturing is complicated, especially when there are smaller processes within that contribute to the overall workflow. What you are left with is a manufacturing process that can fail or succeed based on a multitude of factors. If the machine fails, how do you determine what went wrong and how do you fix it?

What if two applications, both with different purposes, worked together to create a productive and efficient factory floor? And, as a bonus, those two applications provided a solid return on investment within the first few weeks of implementation.

The solution is at your fingertips.

With the introduction of Fiix’s integration hub, Mingo and Fiix can work together seamlessly.

More Efficient Workflows, Streamlined Communication

At this point, you may be thinking that all sounds great, but the bigger questions are “How do the two platforms work together and what is the benefit?” It’s a great question and one that can be answered with four solutions.

  1. Let’s say a drastic change in temperature or vibration occurs in the machinery functions, Mingo will notice the change in the control charts and notify Fiix that a maintenance order will need to be created in real-time.
  2. Once the issue is repaired, Mingo is alerted that the machine is back up and in working order by the Fiix platform, again in real-time.
  3. Mingo continuously tracks meter readings. Fiix will be able to schedule work orders, ahead of time, in line with the number of cycles and runtime data.
  4. Within Fiix, maintenance that is completed can be tracked consistently and that data can give Mingo a bigger picture of the overall health of the machinery.

While one application helps evaluate the productivity of your manufacturing processes on the floor and analyze that data, the other helps track needed maintenance and schedules those work orders in real-time. Both help solves a problem, but when working together, the two applications can reduce costs in terms of time and money which creates a streamlined, efficient day-to-day work environment.

Do you find yourself constantly wondering why a machine is going down and then wondering how long it will take maintenance to find and fix the issue? How would a manufacturing analytics platform and maintenance and asset performance software provider help you?

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Bryan Sapot
Bryan Sapot is a lifelong entrepreneur, speaker, CEO, and founder of Mingo. With more than 24 years of experience in manufacturing technology, Bryan is known for his deep manufacturing industry insights. Throughout his career, he’s built products and started companies that leveraged technology to solve problems to make the lives of manufacturers easier. Follow Bryan on LinkedIn here.