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Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned downtime is costly. Learn how you can use manufacturing analytics to know when, where, and why downtime occurs to prevent it. Watch the demo to see how you can:

  • Reduce downtime by 73%
  • Find and solve problems quickly
  • Decrease overall costs

It’s a fact: Mingo Smart Factory proves ROI 9x times faster than any other manufacturing analytics software*

*According to a case study from Tacony Corporation. **Individual results may vary

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Mingo Smart Factory is the Heartbeat of Your Manufacturing Operation

Mingo gives you the ability to know exactly how the floor is running, in real-time. Increase productivity, improve efficiency, and save costs. Watch the video to take our product tour.


See How H&T Reduced Downtime by 73% with Mingo

Data is collected from equipment or people, fed into Mingo Smart Factory’s cloud-based solution, and translated into actionable insights for you which gives you the ability to make decisions regarding the productivity and efficiency of your plant, inevitably increasing profits, just like H&T.


See ROI in Less than 3 Months

Fast to Deploy

Get the software up and running in less than 1 day and immediately get visibility into the plant.

Track KPIs

Get insight into important KPIs like OEE, cycle time, downtime, utilization, throughput, and more.

Get Visuals

See how the plant is doing in real-time with scoreboards, dashboards, and a mobile app.

Expand Easily

Start small and as you grow, expand to a full manufacturing analytics platform.